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What do I mean by 'Good Use of Self'?

Robert H. Schweitzer

Robert H. Schweitzer
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The term 'use of self' was coined by FM Alexander to describe our combined mental and physical state as we go about our daily activities. No matter what our profession or training, we are our own instrument in everything we do. How we think, our emotional disposition, our creativity and our athletic abilities are all affected by our psycho-physical state. If we have bad postural habits, if we use excess muscular tension or force, or if we react to stress by tightening up and constricting ourselves, our ability to succeed in our endeavors is greatly lessened. How we 'use ourselves' during our specific activities is determined by the habitual movement patterns we acquire throughout our lives. These habitual movement patterns reside in the subconscious neural-muscular system and they are resistant to change.

How the Alexander Technique Works

The Alexander Technique is a reeducation of our movement patterns, allowing us to carry out our tasks with greater freedom, comfort and poise. This systematic approach leads to an improved external and internal spatial sense, lightness in thought and movement, better health and superior functioning in all activities. Performing artists from many fields use the Technique to improve performance, help prevent and rehabilitate injuries, and obtain greater poise and presence. Other professions including educators, office administrators, sales and marketing reps, and CEOs also benefit significantly from lessons. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury: excessive workloads, long hours, exhaustion, lack of physical activity, all contribute to the decline of your physical and emotional welfare. By improving functioning, one can live without back, joint or muscle pain, learn how to develop a healthier response to stress and achieve an overall sense of well-being.

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